Why We Keep Electronics Cool?

  • The electronic component has a thermal limit, which is its maximum operating temperature. If this is reached, the part will burn out. Consequently, failure to properly manage such heat in electronic components and microprocessors can destroy the circuit board and, finally, a system malfunction of the entire device. Therefore, to keep the circuit operating stably so that the device’s lifespan can be extended, the device must be equipped with a cooling system to remove heat generated by the device.
  • At Cooling Source Inc. our goal is to provide a thermal solution that will meet your specification

What Does CFD Mean

  • CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • 3D CAD Model
  • CAD model modification
  • Simulation boundary conditions set up
  • Sharing results and receive feedbacks
  • Analyzing results

Goal Of Simulation

  • Simulation to deliver faster
  • Design—-Simulation—–Design Change—-Production
  • How we need a simulation
  • Shorter design Cycle ——Identify the problem in early stage
  • Eliminate the cost of the changes

Electronics Cooling Methods

  • Air cooling
  • Phase change cooling
  • Liquid cooling
  • Thermoelectric cooler Peltier Devices
  • Vapor Chambers
  • Thermal Spreaders

Electronics Cooling Applications


heat pipes